Next-generation Workforce
Creating The Next Generation Workforce
The federal government has been cracking down on for-profit trade schools that leave students with heavy debt loads but no marketable trade or job skill. Singling out the so-called career colleges for their failures may be politically popular, and justified in many cases, but it's not entirely fair, any more than [...]
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Engaging The Next Generation of America's Workforce
The American workforce is at a tipping point. According to Pew Research Center , Millennials (adults ages 18-34) make up 1 in 3 American workers, and this year, they will surpass baby boomers and Gen Xers to become the largest generation in the workforce.
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Building the Next-Generation Manufacturing Workforce
There's no doubt: Manufacturers today are stuck between a rock and hard place. On the one hand, many face an aging workforce that may retire without sharing key knowledge. In fact, the Pew Research Center predicts that 10,000 baby boomers will retire each day over the next 19 years.
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