Highly Skilled Talent to Manage the Robots.
Five Robotics Trends That Soon Will Be Changing IT
An increasing number of enterprises are considering the adoption of robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine IT that can expedite and make more efficient the execution of routine tasks. While we already think of robotics as important in use cases such as manufacturing, oil and gas exploration and drones, there are quite a few others you may not have considered.
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Closing the Skills Gap in Automation: A Call for Action
Robotics Industry Insights by Tanya M. Anandan, Contributing Editor Robotic Industries Association Posted 04/30/2015 Manufacturers are adopting more automation than ever before. For many, it's no longer a question of whether to automate, only when and to what extent. With wages offshore rising, robot prices down and performance up, robot sales are at an all all-time high.
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Is your IT team ready for the robots?
It seems that artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are moving at lightning speed from the laboratory and are touching every single part of our lives - the way we read the news and hail a taxi has changed, and soon the way we work, and the skills needed to do our jobs will evolve.
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70% of Recruiters Don't Care or Are Clueless: Long Live AI Recruiting
I try to not to get all worked up over recruiters being replaced by robots, or recruiting-is-dead click-bait articles, but some of them are just annoying as heck.
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I, Not Robot: Why The Rise Of SkyNet Leads To Automatic Unemployment For The People
With so much hollow and pointless discussion over the past week, month and year over such fundamentally trivial things as who will inject more money faster, who will be bailed out first, who will go back to their own currency before everyone else, it is easy to forget that reality actually matters.
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